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05 Feb 2010, 04:26 AM

I read on w3school how to make an image map. But that didn't work with the javascript I used. So I played around a little bit and now it works, but I get a bunch of errors when I try to validate the site and it doesn't work in IE.

I know there are some flaws in my coding, but I have tried a lot of different things and this is what I got now. FYI, the site is suppose to flow, not jump. If I use the normal w3s code it jumps. Thats the reason for the flawed code at the moment.

<img src="img/LPWA-overflow2.gif" width="466" height="437" usemap="#logomap" alt="Start Navigering"/>
<map name="logomap">
<a href="#first" area-shape="rect" coords="296,80,372,118" > </a>
<a href="#second" area shape="rect" coords="295,123,420,174" > </a>
<a href="#third" area shape="rect" coords="295,176,377,222" > </a>
<a href="#fourth" area shape="rect" coords="295,227,450,272" > </a>
<a href="#fifth" area shape="rect" coords="295,280,400,320" > </a>

The site is www.rosadesign.no/test. I know this might violate some forum rules, but I think its vital to understand the problem.

Is there anyway to resolve the problem? To make the links work, to make the site flow and for it all to work in every browser?

To answer an upcoming question, Yes, I can make position absolute divs that works as links, and I will if this doesn't have a simple solution.

Thanks in advance