View Full Version : Divs: Navbar div is floating left div towards right

08 Feb 2010, 05:56 PM
I'd explain the problem more, but the subject says it all... if vaguely.

Anyways, the navbar is pushing the left content div towards the right of the page.

If anyone has any insight here please let me know. The problem just started occurring today out of the blue... well... more or less.

As a "one-post-newb" I'd like to point out that I've not found a simple fix to this yet but I've been trying all kinds of things. For one, a simple <br> works (but it adds a lot of white space below the navbar. I require a CSS coding fix, or at least some way to reorganize the divs. I wanna know the right way ;)

Here is my website URL...


Any help is appreciated. I'll do my best to give back. I'm really interested in joining a web-dev forum since I'm doing this stuff at my work so often.

EDIT: I'll point out the issue does NOT occur in Safari (how karmic... I hate safari) while it does occur in Firefox, latest vers.