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09 Feb 2010, 03:04 AM
A degreed disabled man looking build a great business and I want start a Home decor and
houseware website on the internet . I have a logo already and domain but might need a better host. I am on a budget and want to take my lifeback. Being on disability sucks and I need my life back.

I had 2 mini strokes 2 yrs ago and now working out and want to be successful again. Can anybody here help me please. I am on a budget. I can offord $300 - $400. If some helps
me I will greatlu indebted tou for lifer

Like it to be like or close to www.cutleryandmore.com and something like http://newterraliving.com with 1000-2500 products.

Like it to be user friendly and seo ready or whatever you call it.

I have a hosting company but might need to upgrade or new hosting company.

Dergreed disabled man
15 yrs experience in marketing and ecommerce.
Hope someone well help me

Michael Ladd

11 Feb 2010, 12:07 PM
Can I make some suggestion so that you can help yourself? Get a host that has cpanel capabilities. I believe that Host Monster has it. Get an install of ZenCart going, download a template to get you started and then start to play with it. Have a poke around in the code. There are loads of online tuts to help you out. You could be up and running in a couple of weeks and then can invest your dollars in stock.

Check it out; http://www.zen-cart.com/

We can help you with the tricky bits on this forum.