View Full Version : MUSIC starts when PAGE OPENS?????

Edward Powell
12 Feb 2010, 07:46 AM
Hi All!

I'm new here - this is my first POST.
I'm a Canadian musician living in Czech... and I am here out of a kind of desperation :confused:

...trying to promote music on a budget I have been making my own website for years.
[delet3ed :: new members aren't allowed linnks]

But this is 2010 and I NEED to get my web-skills up to date - hense, I'M HERE! :nana:

- - -

First question:
Ok, I just finished making this small HTML email attachment intended to be sent around to venues to rustle up gigs and concerts. This is it so far: http://www.andreamurdock.com/RAGMAKAM_ENSEMBLE_5.html

Ideally, I would like to somehow make it so that right when the recipient opens this document, it will start to play a short 15 second mp3 audio clip. THIS WOULD BE GREAT, but I relally don't know the codes to make this happen.

Second question:
The next thing - if you look at the document, under the first bit of text you can see INDIVIDUAL LINKS to individual songs. With CHROME, when u click on one of these song links, the song opens on it's own in a separate window (this is tolerable), but in IE8 the song does not automatically open, it asks if you want to SAVE the file (and this is a bummer!)

Is there some code available which will simply start the song playing immediately just after clicking on the link? The same way that hopefully the intro song will start playing immediately when the page is opened???

THANK YOU VERY MUCH if anyone has any ideas on how to solve these problems!!!
t h a n k s!