View Full Version : BG Image colors, not visually matching the HEX or RGB Values in CSS

12 Feb 2010, 11:19 PM
I'm working with a modified Word Press theme that I downloaded about a week ago. It started off red, which doesn't exactly work with the colors I wanted for my business, but I liked the general layout.

That said, I've been doing a lot of color changes to various elements to get it to more closely match what I want. However, I've run into a glitch, where the CSS color values are not matching the same value .jpg or .gif backgrounds.

I know I can just implement a repeating image bg if necessary, but I'd prefer to handle it in CSS if there's a work around that will give me the colors I want/need.

Site: http://dianajophoto.com (pardon the work in progress, some of it is still Ugly)

According to Photoshop CS3, the blue is hex value #67BEBB or RGB value: 103, 190, 187. My last attempt to get the colors to match was using the RGB value, no go. You can see the difference on the sidebar where the menu runs out and the image fills in.

Stylesheet Link: http://dianajophoto.com/wp-content/themes/impress/style.css

This is making me slightly crazy, so if anyone has a bit of code that tells Firefox and Safari to behave I'd appreciate it. :-)