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22 Feb 2010, 05:58 PM
Hello all,

Name is Brandon, 35 yrs of age, father of 2, and aspiring to one day have a career in web design/applications.

Little background on me. Graduated with degree in Graphic arts and imaging technology - basically pre-press in a sheet fed or web/flexo evironment. 10 years of experience with Pre-press/layout (Quark/Indesign)/image editing (photoshop) and all other associated applications. Have done layouts in HTML using GoLive and then Dreamweaver, and taken on-line courses in database management, networking, and html coding.

Here is where it gets interesting (or not) - I've been in construction for the past 3 years and am trying to find a way back into what I love to do. I want to learn layout of sites and any associated technology to go along with it. I understand the importance of CSS, but don't quite know all of it yet. Where do I go from here - if you were in my shoes, what technologies would you learn first? As I read through each career opportunity, it lists so many of the different technologies. Is there one that you can start with that might spill over into another, making it easier to learn? I would love to learn it all so that I could do it all, but need a place to start. Thanks for the direction! - Brandon

Guess I should have put the second part of this in the General Questions section after reading through a few things there - sorry.

23 Feb 2010, 11:25 AM
Looks like I need to stick with construction :(