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24 Feb 2010, 03:33 PM
Why I'm here:
I just graduated with a somewhat useless communications degree (no specialization) and have recently taken up web design. I have several freelance projects I'm in the midst of. I'm on a mac. I'm good friends with basic html tabling, and wysiwyg editors for more extensive projects; I'm learning about java bit by bit. I just made the the hop from wix.com to a full capabilities editor. (All grown up now :P) I'm trying to find a dreamweaver mentor, but until then I'm on Freeway 5 Pro. I'm looking for a mac editor with more prefabricated plugins like widgets, but I'm not opposed to going outside the program to find and learn how to insert ones. (Designing would be nice too.) I'm also here to learn about optimization and efficient server design.

What I hope to learn/contribute:
I'm a newb and I know it, so for now I'm just here to ask questions and learn, but I've been a forumfan for years and year so I'm up on etiquette and will try to not be a bother. I like to be active so when I'm not asking questions I'll be hanging out the lounge. When I learn more, maybe I will be able to begin posting competent solutions to others' problems. Already I've learned a handy little email trick in the privacy thread in rules, so I'm excited to lurk for a while!

Who am I:
22/f/tx, I am in my MBA here, so I won't have any opportunity to learn this information in class *is wistful*. I have a kitty named Lucy, (we call her fuzzybutt) and a boytoy who knows which way to hold the mouse, most of the time. I have a three screen setup and not enough ram. I also do graphic