View Full Version : mouse-over not working in IE

24 Feb 2010, 02:35 PM
I am a graphic designer turn web designer. I am havin trouble getting my mouse-over menu to work on my site in IE. I tried it in css and it didnt work in IE, and then I tried it in JS and it still doesnt work. both worked in firefox and safari. help please
the site is:


if u cant get to the .js or .css files let me know.

also as a side question. i am a mac user.....since IE is no longer supported or updated on the mac. what is the best way to check compatibility without a pc or a pc sim?
seems to me there would be a software that keeps track of all browser compatibily updates and allows u to design accordingly. i use the whole adobe master suite including dreamweaver and havent seen such an item yet. any takers?