View Full Version : CSS Not working with IE7

26 Feb 2010, 09:01 AM
Apologies if this has been asked before but I have done a search and not unearthed anything exactly the same as my issue.

I am working on a website for an am-dram company which is currently hosted at:

while I wait for login access to the final location from the previous maintainer.

It is a two column layout with a header and a footer. The content is displayed in an iframe (I still haven't worked out if these are frowned upon or not) so as to avoid reloading the header, footer and menu each time. The index page displays the content as a further two column layout with some blurb text and a news section.

The page works fine in Chrome (my normal browser) and also Firefox but not in IE7, the latest version on my work PC. I'm sure you can test it yourselves, but the content of the right-hand column begins at the bottom of the left hand column, but still on the right hand side.

Any suggestions?