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28 Feb 2010, 09:27 PM

Does anyone know how to make an iframe's height be the same height as the original.

I searched on google and I found a way to do this with javascript but it only works if I type the website's URL manually on the address bar, but if a click a link to my website or if I paste my url link on the address bar and go to my website it won't work.

Here's my website: http://www.danstutorials.com/

Try typing it manually and the "blog" should extend.

If anyone can help me find a solution I'd be very grateful!

Btw this is the script that I used.



03 Mar 2010, 10:19 PM
I fixed my problem few days ago by changing my <iframe src="full url..." to <iframe src="subfolder/page"

But now I have another question.

On my website I have a navigation that is an iframe, which works fine on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but not in Internet Explorer. On IE it has a white background while on FF and chrome their transparent which works good for the layout anyone know why is this and how I can make it work with IE?

Much appreciated!