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01 Mar 2010, 01:18 PM
my goal is/was to be able to upload text and images onto the net, but still control who can access it. on my page i would like to have a hidden button or control of some kind that will fade out a specific image(uploaded photo), revealing text. a few seconds later it reverts. i want to eliminate the possibility of someone accessing the info and leaving it unattended . i do not have a site building program yet but have been reading their reviews and am still deciding. currently taking suggestions.

also, directly over top of the image would be the text, which is the same color as the image. this is hard for me to describe exactly but i may be able to get close by telling you the way in which i think i would create the text if i were using paint shop pro. if i select the gradient setting for the font color, and upload the image of the photo as the color, the text will technically be visible, but not actually until the image is faded.

kind of like if you cut the letters directly from the photo from the same spot each one would have been if the letter was written on top of the photo.

sorry that was so choppy. i'm new at this. thanks.

02 Mar 2010, 05:21 AM
Is this like a Card creation site like birthdays etc?

This is going to be an advanced development no matter who develops it. Its going to be miles away for you regarding your skill level and to glean the skills required is going to take you a fair amount of time really

Site security is covered using a scripting language like PHP and a database technology like MYSQL. These alone will take months for you to become comfortable with.

The functionality of the site could be developed using the above technology or you could implement this using Flash although this will take a while to comprehend

Your looking at a learning curve as steep as K2 but if you pull it off then respect at ya