View Full Version : Freelance question - Information on initial domain and hosting setup

02 Mar 2010, 10:02 AM
Hey everyone,

Love reading this place and I finally decided to join and participate, but please go easy on the newb

Anyway, I will be building a site for a friend and I would like some tips before I get started. He's not interested in receiving a bunch of files, he wants me to do everything from registering the name to launching the site

On initial setup (domain registration and hosting purchase) who's information (name, address, credit card) should I use?

I can see using his information from the beginning, but I'm stuck on who's credit card to use? Should I use my credit card to set everything up and go back and clear all the information once I hand the site over or should I demand his credit card information at the start?

Also, how would you guys do this with a client you don't know? (ex: a random inquiry through your site, a walk-in)