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Mr J
03 Mar 2010, 10:20 AM
First lemme say that the title is just my overhyped of saying .....(please check my topic out :cold:) XD.

I like the look of the forum topics - vey diverse and the regulations seem kosher as well. Annndddd...nothing can beat the avatar of Daiv Bowley....wow XD.

I am a Junior Designer based in London, UK and I want to rekindle the flames of innovation (within myself first XD) and make some killer sites.....I just need to get there with my design first.

I have moderate skills in XHTML/CSS minor skills in PHP (none in SQL or Javascript yet T-T) as well as FLASH, PHOTOSHOP AND INDESIGN - always a work in progress XD.

Looking forward to giving/taking advice XD