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17 Mar 2010, 05:19 PM
The Lockerz may announce the closure of its site in the coming weeks. An email will be sent to all members in the coming months, asking them to understand the situation that the site walk through, and will be forced to close.

The Lockerz was released worldwide in October last year and attracted many members from all over the world. Fever lockerz was so great that many people no longer go to work to join in the Redeem (redeem it when the member distributes its points in prizes).

Once he had his Lockerz redeem, many people were desperate to catch her many awards and even burned shirts lockerz due to anger that the site generated in people around the world.

Due to these events, TJMG decided to investigate the site and discovered that the site was nothing but a farce.
- Many people have been duped and got their other goals, but the site is a liar, such as the PS3 has no more than 20 devices for one more Multimillion User says James Fisher TJMG specialist.

TJMG filed a lawsuit against the Lockerz, requiring, on a preliminary basis, that were excluded from the site.
The request was accepted by the judge of the 5th Circuit Court Patrick Parrish, why the Lockerz to the Court of Justice. The site claims that it has money to "give prizes for the millions of people in Lockerz, and has thus limiting the awards (...) as well as possible to achieve what you want, the site said that they wrote on their website how many electronics would be the disposal of the site and claims that it is within the terms of federal legislation. "

Experts say that this attitude is the best thing to do. This is something "serious" people are being misled and can have serious problems and should be avoided, says Terri Davidson told The Times.

Lockerz confirmed today that the redemption of March will not be affected because of these problems and that its members can rest easy about that.