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24 Mar 2010, 08:22 PM
we are willing to offer projects on a 70/30 ratio. But for us to do that, we require upgraded membership on Guru.com under the following categories:

web design

web development/ecommerce

Interested parties, be it freelancers or teams need to purchase quarterly membership on our account and we will do the promotion of your service at no cost.

Whenever a deal is finalized and project is awarded, we will get payment deposited on your behalf and ensure the customer pays in milestones. Asking upfront won't be feasible/possible and will reduce the chances of winning any projects at all.

We specialize in bidding and our strength is to market the services in an appropriate manner thereby convincing customers to do business.

Any project that we receive will be offered to you on a 70/30 basis. If anyone is interested and wish to discuss, send a reply.

good wishes