View Full Version : How to achieve the following...(HTML/Javascript)

24 Apr 2010, 07:08 AM
Good day,
quite a strange problem, but can't solve it on my own Let's say, I have Google Mail login page, saved locally to C: disk. I want to edit its source so, that when entered username and password and clicked on "Login" button it did absolutelly nothing, but the form did not reset. I tried deleting from the source

form action = https"//....", "method = post", "onsubmit = ...

So, when the form is submitted, nothing happens(as I want it to be), but the field values are reset(what I want to avoid). Any ideas, please? I also tried inserting to source code

form onsubmit = return false

but the username and password values are still reset. I hope my question is understandable