View Full Version : Photoshop website to Visual Studio?

25 Apr 2010, 03:58 PM
I made a master template in photoshop... and for a class I need to make a dynamic website in visual studio. Would anyone know how I can take my design from photoshop and turn into a master page in visual studio??

It's a pretty simple design.

26 Apr 2010, 06:09 AM
Its pretty simple !

The page which you have designed in adobe photo shop, just deploy this page or export this page into .html version

And from Visual studio File / Open project / Browser that file .. a common structure will be opened inside the visual studio !!!

now this page will be in .HTML format !!!
You need to copy that .HTML and paste into the .aspx page !

If you got the concept from my words then do it , it will solve your problem !
I used to do the same things... designing the home page in dream weaver and then used it in the visual studio !
Try to use VS 2008 , easy to manage the things