View Full Version : Looking for a good software to manage the client relationship, wireframe and sitemap

19 May 2010, 08:59 PM
Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know a good free/cheap online/desktop software to manage the client relationship, quote, invoice, wireframe, sitemap, schedule (with gann chart), etc in one place?

I've got 1-3 projects per month, and was using few different software to manage them. To reduce the time it would be nice if I can manage them all in one place! I spent last two days searching for it on internet, watching tutorial videos, sign up for trial period, download free version and test them, but if I thought I found the best application to do one thing it is usually missing the other functionality.

Or, If you know a good combination of softwares (eg. SmartDraw + excel, etc) please let me know.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.