View Full Version : Any Third Party Email Hosting Recommendations?

26 May 2010, 11:00 PM
I have a few clients with email needs that go beyond the 200 relays/hour their current shared host offers. I looked into dedicated servers and VPS but it's overkill for the sites, and a lot of effort on my part to essentially become a hosting provider.

My clients just need to be able to email several hundred members at a time in their e-news blasts once or twice a week. Or have a mail server that can handle a few peak times per year when they do online voting for board members and the like. I'd consider a service like MailChimp or ConstantContact for e-news but my clients' e-newsletter tools are part of a closed CMS that really can't be easily linked into an outside service or mailing list software like PHPList or Sympa.

It was suggested I continue hosting the site itself on the same server but host the email on a separate mail server. I can change the MX record to point to a company providing this type of service. Problem is, I'm not finding much through doing searches. Maybe I'm not searching for the right thing.

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for companies that offer third party email hosting. A service that will allow me to point my MX records to them for handling all email for each client site looking to go beyond 200-500 emails per hour.

The sites aren't for spammers, they're non-profits with hundreds of members who've signed up to receive emails from these few organizations I deal with. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!