View Full Version : Starting a "Community website" with a platform: Which one?

07 Jun 2010, 05:49 PM
Hi everyone!!

After years of hiatus in coding and working on websites, I'm back with a very tiny idea, which would bring me back on market :).

However, developing this during and as my leisure time only, I can not afford starting from scratch, and clearly don't have the necessary knowledge to do so.

Thus, I would like to start using an existing platform, discovering it and developing it.

A while ago, I've been working on both Invision Power Board and PhpBB, developing advanced (advanced is related to amateur not to professional!!) forums, and websites using those forums' database and core. I would like to do this again, but I wonder if there would be better choices for me, such as using Wordpress, or another CMS...

Fyi, I would like to be able to "play" with the following:
- Article posting (of course...)
- Comments on articles
- Ability to link articles with each other
- Twitter and FB connect + OpenID and others...
- Ability to use advances FB Twitter and other Social network options on and interacting with the platform
- In a word: total flexibility for all that is sharing options...

Which platform would you advise me to test, discover, or use...?

Thank you very much for your time guys, be sure you'll discover how my project goes step by step (if I'm allowed to describe it on the forum of course)



PS: please pardon my English, I'm French, and French people have a poor knowledge of English language ;-) !!

13 Jun 2010, 04:09 PM
phpfox, kootali, socialengine, ISocial (my fav)

there are many just go on Google and search social network scripts.

hope this helps