View Full Version : Setting up a testing site (on a network) in DW CS4

08 Jun 2010, 06:47 AM

I have started a new job and I would like to use a testing server (Im using a pc on my network) to check that everything is working (databases and all that). The only problem is that my testing server pc is called GW and when DW enters the testing server url it looks like this: http://GW/ which then takes me to a site on the web instead of to my pc on the network.

I have tried the following:
Access type: local/network
Testing server folder: //gw/clients/clients_site
Url prefix: (the network pcs ip) (the root folder of site im creating)
http://GW/clients/clients_site (the url DW defined with the root folder)

If anyone could help this would be great. I am really at a loss right now. :/

Thanks in advance.

05 Aug 2010, 03:50 PM
It is really quite simple, just go in and eidit your host file on your PC. Your host file basically tells the computer to go to an internal IP instead of going to the web. Here is the pathway C:/windows/system32/driver/etc/host in the host file you would want to put the following: GW www.GW.com

Once you have added this you then can save the host file and it will allow you to surf in your browser to your local file. You can also so localhost instead of GW if you have setup a local host on your pc.

Thank you

Deveren Werne