View Full Version : Website Developer Wanted

12 Jun 2010, 01:52 PM

I have an idea for a website and was wondering an estimated build cost.

The site would be owned by myself but would allow users to sign up and sell their ‘products’ on my site. If it generates a sale then I would receive commission.

I already have interest from some local businesses wanting to sell their products on my site. I have also purchased the domain name that I want to use. I am planning on selling a select product range so the website would have direction in terms of design.

I would need credit card payments (maybe not)/PayPal, user accounts, automatic emails for when a sale is made etc.

I think it’s a big task and just want to get some quotes; maybe someone already has a template for this kind of website as I imagine they are abundant.

I would like it in a format similar to eBay, however I do not want auctions, just the 'make an offer' option.

I live in the UK, Chester. If anyone is local that would be a great help.


14 Jun 2010, 09:07 AM
pm sent for consideration!