View Full Version : Geeks guide to cleaning

18 Jun 2010, 03:34 AM
Have a lot of cleaning to do? Can't be bothered? Have a knack for subliminal messages?

Just beam the following to a loved one.

// Define Variables
$status = 'dirty';
$looks = 'dirty';
$scrub = TRUE;

// Define things to clean. - Specifiy oven and toilet separately as these really should be cleaned twice.
$items = array ('kitchen', 'bathroom', 'living room', 'bathroom', 'oven', 'toilet');
$list = array();

// Set list to dirty.
foreach($items as $item) {
$list[$item] = $status;

// Clean
foreach($list as $item => $status) {
while ($status = 'dirty') {
if ($looks == 'clean') {
$status = 'clean';

Please note... above is untested... a loop to infinity would probably really **** someone up along with the item they are cleaning forever.

[OK yes I am bored, have been cleaning all morning... :) ]