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09 Jul 2010, 01:52 PM

I am looking to build a new website and I desperatly need some advice on how to go about building it. I am fairly amateur as sites I have built have been html based via frontpage. I have recently done a little with Dreamweaver and I have also built a flash website. I have also tampered around with Flash CMS templates and had some great results. Also I have peiced together several sucessful forums.
Basic knowledge I'd say but I enjoy the learning curve.

What I want to build is a site similar to www.checkatrade.com
I want the consumer to be able to search an area (surrey, middlesex etc) and find a trader. There is only one type of trade so it does need to be as complex as checkatrade. But I do want the consumer to see a list which is listed by a score rating. So the consumer would need a section to "rate" the trader.

Also each trader would need a small profile section. Name, address etc and also a couple of pictures. I will probably add the profile as apose to the trader being able to log in and edit the profile, but I guess I have not made up my mind on a final decision on this.

I would greatly appreciate some advice on what the best platform will be to generate this type of website. Also any freebie templates to pull apart are always good.

Kind Regards