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10 Jul 2010, 01:56 PM
Hi guys,

I'm sorry if this is the wrong category. Been working on my property website for some time now. It runs on Kohana 2.4 and wordpress as its blogging backend. The original site is located at http://privateproperty.com.sg.

Tried to spice it up a little, you can see the changes at http://privateproperty.com.sg/testing

The website seriously lacks pictures - because I don;t have any and listings come in bulk each day. Most of my time is spent correcting the horrendous typos in each listing. I have a huge "typo" library that corrects spelling mistakes and short-hands. I add to it everyday.

I do have at least 50 property picture sets and alot more artist impressions of new property launches (their brochures have beautiful pictures, you can see them in the review section of the site). But with an average of 150 fresh listings a day, it would be quite redundant to add them in, don't you think?

I am asking for suggestions for content and design. As you can see, the new landing page is currently blank. Should I put in a slideshow of latest reviews / listings of both text and image? Perhaps a video? Is there anything else I can do with the data?

The new blog is not on the test site. This is only the updated Kohana end of it. I am a bit lost for ideas. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance..

12 Jul 2010, 12:30 AM
Yes you can put in some reviews of text and images. Also add content which is unique and informative regarding your website.