View Full Version : Want to build a social ecommerce site. Hlp with suggestions on the backend.

11 Jul 2010, 04:11 AM

Want to implement a social ecommerce site. It is a fishing site with an ability for users to have their profiles, upload photos and also this site should have an ability for those users to buy fishing equipment. But still cant decided on the business logic:

1. Develop backend (including cart) from scratch what would be able to store and fulfill orders+ quickbooks for accounting.

2. Take an open source cart and upgrade it to our needs (add features like photo uploads evaluation, affiliation and etc. What cart would you suggest? When this cart should have the ability to store and fulfill orders+ quickbooks for accounting.

3. Take a simple open source or build from scratch a simple cart with extra features that we need like photo submissions evaluation (we do not need porn on our site) and use a third party inventory system like fishbowl+quickbooks for accounting.

4. Your best suggestion here.

You will help me very much if you will let me know what would you do in my situation.

Thank you.

11 Jul 2010, 08:19 PM
Personally; I would choose building it from scratch, and have it take care of everything... Just be sure to segregate databases securely, and use ssl....