View Full Version : Aproaches to dinamically sort pages

15 Jul 2010, 12:06 PM
I am planing a web site to store music lessons. This lessons will be growing in quantity.
I will need a way to tag then and have a navigation displaying this tags which automaticaly updates as new pages are added (a kind of Tag Cloud).
I can think this is a hard subject, and I can probably take an easy way with any of the bloggin software, but I ask for two reasons:
1.- I would like to do it my own, if posible
2.- For the pleasure of knowing how to do it

Althougth I'm not an experience programmer I have a good foundation and don't have any problem in learning any subject.

Since this is my first post I really don't know how to tag this post, and don't know if I can tag it after I submit it. If this is posible please sugest some tags.

Thanks for your help.