View Full Version : TomatoCMS 2.0.7 released on 14th July, 2010

27 Jul 2010, 02:55 AM
TomatoCMS - an opensource cms software, has just released. Below is the list of changes/new features in this TomatoCMS 2.0.7

New back-end interface

Install Wizard and all back-end pages now have new interface

In back-end, TomatoCMS uses mega menu and all of core tasks were moved to System menu.

We also made many pages more friendly and more easy to use: in most of pages coming from core module, you can make a module filter instead of scrolling though the long page like before

Letís go to http://forum.tomatocms.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=386&p=895#p895 to see detail.

Customizing Dashboard

In TomatoCMS 2.0.6 and earlier versions, you can not customize your Dashboard which were used to display all of modules' tasks.
From 2.0.7, the ability of customizing dashboard come true.

Dashboard widgets

We also created some useful Dashboard widgets:

Latest Articles: Show most of recently articles. You can activate or deactivate the article right now if you want

Latest Comments: Show most of latest comments. Of course, you can activate or deactivate the comment if you have the permission to do.

Google backlinks: Show top of back links taken from Google

SEO module: Sitemap management

TomatoCMS 2.0.7 allows you to manage sitemap easily.
You can see the all the link from the sitemap.
Of course, you can also remove the links from sitemap as well as add link to sitemap

SEO module: Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to get the backlinks, indexed pages and rank from most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
You can get these data for not only your current site but also any website you want.
The toolkit also show the total number of page indexed and back links.

SEO module: Interactive with Google Web Master

Using your Google account, TomatoCMS 2.0.7 allows you to interactive with Google Web Master easily.
The list of functions include:

List of sites you registry with Google Web Master: You also can add other site or remove certain site from the list.

Sitemap management: When viewing the site details, TomatoCMS shows all its sitemaps. The tool allows you to remove or add other sitemap

List of keywords: You can see the list of keywords which Google found on the site.
More than that, you can make a keyword filter: see the internal, external or all keywords.

Verify site: Final function is verify your site. You can verify by using one of two methods: Use HTML meta tag or create HTML page.

SEO module: Show Google Analytic reports

From 2.0.7 version, TomatoCMS can show Google Analytic reports. Of course, you have to make authentication using your Google account before using this tool.
You can select the website and the time range you want to get the report data.
Finally, you can see most popular reports inside TomatoCMS:

Visit, Unique visitors, Page views, Time on site and Bounce rate

Browser, Operating system and Screen resolution

Traffic source and keywords

Top viewed pages and top exit pages

TomatoCMS gets all data at once time, therefore if you switch between reports, you don't have to wait for data loading.
You can move the mouse over the points on chart to see the details data.
And other interesting point, we used Javascript, not Flash, to render the chart. It is more easy for us to improve and customize the chart later.
Letís download, try to use and report your bugs at http://bugs.tomatocms.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa