View Full Version : automatic http authentication?

02 Aug 2010, 09:59 PM
What I am trying to do is have a webpage run some sort of code that will automatically authenticate into another page so that the user does not know what the password is.

Heres an example:
If the user types in www.webpage.com/login.html and come to a user log in page (i know how to create this) and then logs in.

When the user successfully login from the above page the user is taken to another page that will automatically redirect them (i know the snippet of code for this as well) and authenticate them through a directory login (this i do not know).

I have a camera server (DVR) that is being forwarded and hosted on a sub domain. The DVR has an authentication on it to make it secure. But i need to give other users access to it without giving them the DVR password. Is there some kind of bit of code I can use to auto authenticate onto that page??

I would be eternally grateful if someone knew how to do this!!
Thanks! D