View Full Version : Help? HTML into JAVA above my head!

04 Aug 2010, 11:29 PM
Hello everyone! I just joined tonight and dearly need some help!

I've had one page mini sites with PayPal buttons, but never got serious and built a true website. Now I am.

I've been down some nasty roads over shopping carts and finally found a very "User Friendly" one, but it puts out all my info in html, then suddenly gives me a patch of Java for the "View Your Cart" button.

I've spent hours trying to figure this out. If I'm right, I need to convert to XML and then to Java?

If this is so, please tell me which USER FRIENDSLY WYSIWYG website program I can use that would help me with this.

I really need advice and help on this!

Thanks so much for any help! Pennie77:yawn:

05 Aug 2010, 07:43 AM
Java or JavaScript ( I'm assuming its JavaScript? Yep? )

D'you reckon you could post the code? The Java(Script) and the html for the button.
And, if you have it, a link would be great too.

I don't think you can get WYSIWYG editors which will convert to Java(Script), as its not a visible language, unlike HTML / XML, whenever it outputs something, it will output it as some form of markup. So it sounds like when you click the button, it executes JavaScript, and then this script is converts to XML ( or HTML ). That sounds more logical, however can't be sure without some code/link etc.