View Full Version : Who to register .co.uk domain with (im a newbie too, hello!)

11 Aug 2010, 06:50 PM
Hello everyone, as you can probably see im a newbie, my names Chris and i live in england and am just getting into the website world! iv always been intrested in computers since i was a kid, my dad owning a local computer shop my whole life!!

So i want to register a .co.uk domain for a new idea of mine which i have. I have never bought a website before, does it matter which one to buy from? When it says eg. $6.99 to buy for the year does that just mean the domain is mine and there are no hidden costs? i am worried that i will get a big bill?

people seem to not like godaddy? what about 123-reg??

im completely new to this world and am willing to learn and i normally learn quickly, hope you can help guys, thanks in advance!!


25 Aug 2010, 08:35 PM
Chris, welcome to world of domaining. Yes the price you see if the price you pay but in most situations you do not receive hosting for that price (or anything that even looks like a real web hosting package).

I own some .co.uk domains and I've registered them through Moniker but I also have plenty of domains at Godaddy.

One thing to check is that .co.uk domains are usually registered for two years at the start.