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25 Aug 2010, 01:39 AM
Hello, everyone. I am new this forum and I decided to start a new thread as my first post to introduce myself to you all. My name is Dan (or you can just call me dskell). I'm a 21 year old student that's interested in interacting with passionate web developers and designers. As far as my personal experience goes with web development, I have experience in HTML, PHP, MySQL, and most of the Adobe products. Aside from attending school and working part time at a privately owned restaurant, I'm in the process of launching my own personal website to build up a portfolio and hope I can eventually find work for extra cash.
For the most part, I consider myself a hard working, energetic, and motivated person. I love to learn new things and pick up new hobbies. Whenever I have time, I play guitar, bass, sing, play video games, work out, watch movies, and drink beer(can't ever leave that one out, haha).
If you all will, please give me the opportunity to get to know you all. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind, your hobbies, interests, and/or what you specialize in web development and design.