View Full Version : Finding work in rich countries: World is not a global village

29 Aug 2010, 01:27 AM
:bounce: Is this world a global village where needy people can find work in rich and advanced countries? After a lot of serious observation I found that world is not a global village. Finding work in extremely difficult or impossible in rich and advanced countries. For example biggest classified services like craigslist.org do not allow non-American post advertisement in USA. Same is the case of Olx.com. I observed that the most of big classifieds websites in UK do not allow foreigners post advertisements. Further, I did not get work despite posting ads at many places in the world. Sometimes I thought that my Gmail account has been hacked but there is no change despite keeping strongest passwords and frequent password changes. During last five years, I got only three projects from abroad including two from USA. Americans proved relatively generous. Arabs are considered very generous people by their diplomatic gifts but I did not find any generous Arab despite being a poor Muslim. I learnt that Saudi Arabia either helps government or religious type of people.
Here I request international governments and institutions to provide good employment or outsource work to Freelance web developers like me. IT difficulty is hard and competition is high due to saturation. Every commodity prices are increasing but web development compensation is decreasing due to increasing competition. World authorities should take measures to provide money to deprived professions.