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29 Aug 2010, 07:16 PM
I'm redesigning my website and this time I'me using a little bit more complex things that I'm not used to work with

I wanted to make my website all in one page by collapsing and expanding divs and making same page links to them.
I have a script that expands and collapses divs which is working fine.

the problem is my link doesn't work if the rel="" is in it.

<a href="#work2" rel="toggle[work]" >Work</a>

if I remove the rel="" ( which actions the JS) the link works( the link is for the container where de expandable div is). But this way the div doesn't expand ( because there's nothing asking it to do it)

If I have the rel="" the div expands but the href="" doesn't work

Sorry If I'm not being clear enough.

If you need to see the code or JS code just ask-me

thanks in advanced