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04 Sep 2010, 10:39 AM
Hello All,

OK, I'm thinking of changing my homepage around for my blog, What Burns My Bacon.

Basically, I want to be able to add a new post and it will automatically appear at the top of my blog while it pushes my older posts further down.

I figure this will save me sometime instead of me copying and pasting code and deleting older posts. But I do want to keep the two-column theme of my posts.

Very much like what WordPress or Blogger does when someone publishes a new blog post.

(Let me update this: I'm not talking about creating a separate page online for me to create a new post or anything like that, such as logging onto WordPress. But I want to be able to open my homepage in my Dreamweaver or Notepad, put in my headline and brief column summary in some code fields, save it and put it up without fooling around with moving previous posts' code lower down the page and deleting old post codes. I hope that's easier for you guys to understand what I'm looking for.)

I'm guessing this means I have to deal with programing, which I'm not that great at and I'm hoping whatever is suggested can be very easy for me. What do you guys suggest, Javescript, PHP, Ajax, even xml, which isn't coding but I use it for a slide show that I have for my other blog and that's pretty easy to do and simple.

Any help will be great.


05 Sep 2010, 09:15 AM
You know what, you guys can ignore this. I found what I was looking for just by doing some simple CSS.