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06 Sep 2010, 11:10 AM
Hello all.

I am not computer literate in any way. I am having a website developed by a company that appears to demostrate incompetence that borders criminality. They designed the entire website in javascript and do not appear capable of converting it to xHTML. I did not discover this until I researched SEO options. This is when I discovered that search engines will not spider javascript.

The website is http://www.costaricacigarstore.com

The shopping cart and payment processing are just about complete and ready for testing but I suspect many coding errors. They have assured me they will correct these but I suspect I will receive a visit from the tooth fairy before that happens.

The company has agreed to upload the files to my hosting account at godaddy to stop me from entering their office cursing them for their incompetence and negligence.

My question is this:

Is this economically feasible to save? Can this be repaired?

Or in a situation like this is it better to start from scratch.

Your advice will be appreciated.



06 Sep 2010, 10:41 PM
It would be easier to start from scratch in my opinion. You can re-use the images and stuff, but the rest of it is a wreck. Did not validate very well at all. Over 70 errors, a web development company should not have these kind of mistakes. For me to have that many errors I would have to almost go out of my way. If you paid for it I would definitely ask for a refund, or go cuss them out like you were thinking.

If you can find some way to add the e-commerce stuff to your site, I have a 2 column tabless website layout that I made for a tutorial in the past. I can throw it your way to help you save some time, you would just need to resize some things.

Also you know there are free e-commerce cms that are very good. Such as magento, you can find a good amount of free templates for this as well, and just modify the header or something.