View Full Version : Temporary domains and Google

24 Sep 2010, 09:33 AM
I've got a shared hosting package that allows a certain amount of domain names on it. In order to set it up, I needed to create a domain name that acts as a sort of catch all domain which is linked to the public_html folder. Let's call it www.catch-all-domain.com.

In the public_html folder I have two folders each containing a website of which one has a new domain pointing to it (let's call that www.website1.com) and the other will do eventually. Here's a diagram of the structure:

|___ /website1 folder accessible via www.website1.com
|___ /website2 folder accessible via www.website2.com

I pointed www.website1.com to the /website1 folder and Google has now indexed it. The problem I'm having is that Google is also indexing www.catch-all-domain.com/website1 as well.

Is there a way (perhaps using robots.txt) I can omit www.catch-all-domain.com from Google, without affecting www.website1.com?

The hosting company suggested that I move the /website1 folder above the public_html folder and re-point. I don't really want to do this if I can help it.

Any advice would be really appreciated.