View Full Version : Who can make an artist profile website!?

13 Nov 2010, 06:46 PM
Hello all,

I'm looking for someone who can make an artist profile website, the website will contain:

- homepage

- bio
Her story will be told here. Also there needs to be a video, in that video she'll also introduce herself.

- music
Her music will be featured here. Also a link needs to be made to her iTunes profile.

- video
Her videos will be featured here, from a making off to music videos.

- photos
Her pictures will be featured here, from banners (made by fans) to photo shoots.

- tour
Her tour dates and events will be pointed out.

- store
Merchandise will be sold here.

- ringtones
Her ringtones will be featured here.

- contact
The ways to get in contact with her will be displayed here;
. leaving a voice message.
. leaving a short message that will be displayed on the website.
. sending her an e-mail.

- link
The links to her Facebook profile, Myspace page, Twitter page and YouTube channel need to be displayed.

Basically, when you go to other artists their site you'll see what needs to be happen.

So what is it in for you?! Of course you'll get paid, but I'm starting my record label and this website is going to be the first of many! Also I'm in need of a website for the record label itself. So there you go, you already got yourself 2 projects!

And of course, I hope that everything will work out because of course you know that a record label needs more artists to feature and those artists need websites their selves also. So you can be a part of this all!

Please at all time, do not respond with the next question: WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET!?

You know what you're good for, so I expect you've got your own rate. Because if I would say 5000,- you'ld actually could do the job for 2000,- also.. and I ain't working like that!

Contact me for further details.

This website needs to be finished begin January of 2011.

The best,

Raoul G. da Silva