View Full Version : Who can make a ringtone website?!

13 Nov 2010, 06:47 PM
Hi there,

I've made an other topic, but this one has nothing to do with it. Because this one is on a whole other level!

Just to keep this one short, I'm in need of a ringtone website. I did my research a bit, I'm going to read more about it. But this project is way too big to describe, but basically it's just like Jamster.com

But my main issue at the moment is that I'm not sure of where to begin!

Like, there's a lot involved with a site like that.. so do I need to contact different type of people or is their actually someone / a company here who can take care of the whole package?!

Whatever it is, contact me if you can or know how to handle this project.

The best,

Raoul G. da Silva