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18 Nov 2010, 03:35 PM
Below are the instructions I followed from a flash cs5 book but the preloaders seems to stay seperate to the movie I have created. What am i doing wrong are the instructions missing a vital step?

Choose File➪New. In the dialog box that appears, choose ActionScript
3 and click the Templates tab

2. Choose Preloader for SWF and click OK.

3) I modified the preloader> I changed the background colour and moved the the 2nd frame forward on all 3 layers to 10 seconds so that it wasn't sat at 2 seconds for the whole clip

4. On the main Timeline of your preloader file, be sure all your layers are unlocked. Then
select Frames 1 and 2 for the three layers in the timeline and choose
Edit➪Timeline➪Copy Frames.

5. Open the document that you want to add your preloader to.

6. Open the Scene panel by choosing Window➪Other Panels➪Scene.
In the Scene panel, click the Add Scene icon at the bottom left of the
Scene panel to add a scene. Drag it above the scene of your main
movie, and give it a name, such as preloader. (I assume this is all in the same little pop up window and nowhere near the timeline of my existing movie)?

7. In the first scene (the preloader), select Frame 1 in Layer 1 and choose
Edit➪Timeline➪Paste Frames (I assume this in the timeline)

These are the frames I copied in Step 4. You now have the preloader
in your document.

8. Select Frame 1 of the Actions layer and open the Actions panel. In
Line 14 change the following:

9. Choose Control➪Test Movie➪In Flash Professional to view your

Flash loops the movie clip in your preloader scene so that it plays over
and over until your main movie is loaded.

I can only get either the preloader to play or my original movie to play It will not play the preloader then the movie I have tried control>test movie>in flash professional and control simulate download

I have tried it 3 times and still cannot get it to work please can somebody help I am loosing the will to live here. Many thanks for your time.