View Full Version : Have You Seen This Before? Cascading Page Display Error

22 Nov 2010, 05:23 PM
Hello all,

I am a full time web designer. I have many years of experience, but I have never seen this problem before, so I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this?

The two sites that have this problem are both with the same web host. I have never had this problem on any other web host, so I am inclined to believe it is an issue specific to their servers or how my FTP program communicates with their servers.

Their response was that my code must be bad, and understandably, is out of their control.

The problem is that as I refresh the page during the course of editing the site, it begins to stack the various versions of the page on top of each other, so that I get a really long scrolling window with every iteration, usually going back about 5 refreshes.

http://www.deadbutdreaming.net/index2.html - this site just has a basic template that has worked perfectly on other servers. The page linked above only has a few image links that have been altered. It authenticates for HTML5 and CSS3.

http://www.sla-scc.org/web_pages/about_us_section/org.htm - this site is a wreck..don't judge me on it, I took it over after a string of noobs had designed and maintained it, and there are also a number of people who update it with Adobe Contribute. :splat:

If anyone has seen an error like this, I'd love to hear what your experience was and if you found a way of fixing this.