View Full Version : Needing a web-based plain text editor

23 Nov 2010, 05:18 AM
Hi, I am searching for a freeware [and simple] web-based plain text editor. I already have TinyMCE, Whizzywig and more. They do well and I could edit my settings and the .PHP file which writes the WYSIWYG to the server, but if any one knows a freeware [and simple] web-based plain text editor, I'd be happy to hear.

It's very weird [to me anyway], that I didn't find one yet [through Google]; as those I found are at least all rich-text editors which put 'crap' into the source-code. Breaks instead of line-feeds et cetera. I hope some of you know one at least. It's not, that I'm hopeless, 'cause I know ways to get around as I said, but I'd like to make it myself as easy as possible. Fighting to get a browser as Opera to do what I want it to do, is hard enough. Who'd ever expects it needed two foo div's [without any content] to stop it from placing an image 'somewhere' on the page instead of where I wanted it to be.

Thanks for reading!

Regards, Igor