View Full Version : Gmail in frames?

23 Nov 2010, 02:57 PM
So I can't figure this out... Why can neither an iFrame or Frameset contain Gmail or Gmail small business accounts? If I load an iFrame or Frameset and have a url in that frame or coming from another frame which directs to gmail.com, it loads inside the frame and then immediately refreshes the page so that Gmail takes up the entire page. I'm trying to establish a navigation pane on the left that will allow users to click on links and populate those pages on the right side while leaving the panel on the left static. Other links/sites work fine, just not gmail or our gmail small business site.


Joshua McClure
26 Nov 2010, 02:18 PM
I am sorry to say, but it looks like you are fighting a losing fight there. Google has some JavaScript that will know if it is being Iframed. You are not going to be able to disable that script unless you have access to Googles web servers. You should just have the links open in a new window.

Joshua McClure