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27 Nov 2010, 02:46 PM
Hey all,

Have Dreamweaver CS5 and the missing manual for it - can do what I want if I take time but need to drastically cut down on time and get my site up and going ASAP.

What site is best for getting good templates?
.dreamtemplate.com is linked to from bluehost.com (my host) and has 59.99 unlimited downloads for 1 year.

Compared to templatemonster.com (avg maybe $60 per template) I worry about the quality of the templates from dreamtemplate.com

Specifically, I have a non-profit where I want a page for donations, home, about us, our mission, a signup page where people enter their info and then their name appears on the "supporters" page, and a couple of pages that are very information intensive (education type content).

I understand I have to enter all the content and will do so, and modify with CSS/ HTML in dreamweaver..... but want the "shell" of the site with fancy graphics and link menu etc...


Thanks so much


05 Sep 2011, 11:21 AM
My latest priority is that if I don't have time ( to do it myself ) or its hard to understand how to ... but I need something to be done fast ... I will pay someone that knows.
Scriptlance.com - you will find lot of people to do what you want at a low cost.