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29 Nov 2010, 02:17 AM
Long story short. I am designing a website, very successfully if I do say so myself, until I got to this point, and I need some assistance. However, due to my non-disclosure agreement, I need to be as vague as possible about their products and their company details.

I am working with a company that needs a simpler interface for what they are already doing manually. I am designing a website for them which basically is a third party system, allowing clients to log in on one end and post orders. On the other end, employees of the company sign in using unique usernames (so there cannot be one individual "admin" login for company employees) and fill the orders. Basically I am looking to create a restricted page, back door and front door shopping cart integration interface. It also needs to keep track of order history for clients, and production history for employees.

This is where I am lost. Creating this actual interface is boggling my mind. I am not quite this experienced. It sounded like something I could do, and I now find I have bitten off more than I can chew, but I do not retreat, so I am asking for help. In all honesty, I have only gotten this far due to my creativity and tenacity, but my technical knowledge is not up to par. I enjoy leaning on Wordpress wherever possible. I am NOT a programmer. Skill level in PHP and HTML is pretty good, but my AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, etc. are garbage.

Actually, I am looking to create something exactly like what www.writeraccess.com, www.thecontentauthority.com and www.textbroker.com have created for freelance writers, with the only difference being that it is not for the same industry. Basically, if anyone can assist me in duplicating what those three sites have done with their interface, I would be 80% through the remainder of the battle.

I would prefer not to employ someone to do the interface, but if that's what it takes, I guess I'll have to.