View Full Version : Editing Monster Templates

14 Dec 2010, 01:18 PM
Hey there,

I have a website template for OSCommerce.

The source files are entirely done in Photoshop with Spiced sections and stuff like that.

I was wondering what the best method of editing the template was? To do so in photoshop, I have to import all new images and replace them in the template and do a carefull export to replace the default images.

However, couldn't I just replace the images in the folders with new images named the same, and the same size??

Also, I was wondering, once the php files are online with a webhosting server, it seems the html is very hard to edit from the template. Is there any easy way to edit these php files?

I even deleted everything as a test, and tried to implement an IMG tag, but it wouldn't show for any reason....

Anyways, just hoping someone has exp with working on templates, espeically templatemonsters' and if there was any faster way to do it without ruining all the oscommerce files and stuff already set up.