View Full Version : .Net web hosting shopping advice

16 Dec 2010, 01:00 AM
Whats going on people,

I am a beginner web developer. I am planning on getting a domain name in the near future and I am also doing some window shopping for a web host. I develop with the .net and use MS Sql Server. I am just getting my feet wet with hosting, etc. so I went to google and looked at few top 10 ten lists and found justhost.com at the top of most of the lists. I talk to a rep from there and come to find out they and most of the hosts on those lists dont support .net software. I was then informed that .net software is more expensive to host than for Linux. This made me a little discouraged and I almost gave up. But I know that there has to be some reasonably priced .net hosting sites out there that gives good service.

I could easily go with godaddy but I have read mixed things about there hosting.

**Who give the most bang for your buck for a person with a budget like myself**