View Full Version : Doteasy rant #$!@

20 Dec 2010, 04:57 PM
Anyone familiar with Doteasy.com web hosting? I seriously hate them. By far the worst host any of my clients have ever used.

Just last week I started getting Error 421 messages using FileZilla FTP, I checked it on SmartFTP and I get the same Error, which usually means to many connections So I have a claim in with Doteasy to resolve this issue and they blame the FTP even though I told them I have tried it on SmartFTP as well. I think its their ****ty provider.

I need to update some pages on my clients site so I try their ancient File manager that only allows you to upload 5 files, one at a time and you have to save a name for each file you want to upload, which the save name text area is smaller than the text you type so you can't see if you are typing it correctly. And then say you want to upload a newer version of your index.php file it doesn't allow you to OVERFREAKINWRITE the file, instead you need to delete the original file and then Upload the new file and save name as... FTW.... Man I am so pissed.. Its a waste of my time having to deal with this bs.

Well thanks for listening to my Rant. Anyone else use Doteasy and have you ever had this Error happen to you and how did you fix it???