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Joe Average
29 Dec 2010, 12:44 AM
Awright.. i'm trying to find a home for my stuff. Last year, my low-end domain host was a favorite for spam-generators, so our email servers kept getting blacklisted for spam. The hosting company was rated #1, but man, did they oversell.
So I'm trying another domain host. Not keen to mention the name, but they're popular. Well, not with me. I"ve had email problems for months: At random times, email sent to my site gets returned to sender with "No User Name Here"; I can't login via webmail; email passwords suddenly quit working and have to be reset (on the laptop, the phone. Etc.

Its past time to move on. I'm done, and looking for someone that can reliably host a basic, no-frills web site for hobby use. Is there any place out there that can do that anymore? Or do I have to pay business prices for hosting that works right?