View Full Version : Changing Individual Records using Network Solutions Advanced DNS Manager

18 Jan 2011, 01:50 PM
I have a client whose domain is registered with Network Solutions. Both the Email and Website are hosted hosted elsewhere. Now we want to change the A record to host the website on a new service, but when I click on the link for the Advanced DNS Manager I get the following warning:

"In order to use Advanced DNS Manager, your Name Servers must be moved to Network Solutions managed name servers.

Please Note: When you Move Name Servers to Network Solutions, your Existing Name Servers will no longer be used. As a result, Web sites and E-mail from other providers will be lost."

We don't want to change or loose access to their emails. My questions is if Network Solutions insists that we make this change, can we simply go in later and change the MX record back? If so, how might this affect their email access?

Any other ideas?